Friday Night Drop-In Lessons

Every Friday night, 7:45pm to 8:30pm before the dance starts, there is a beginner drop-in dance lesson. Our dance lessons have a reputation for providing the very basics for dancers who have never danced before, but also contain different moves taught in the lessons every week. Dancers attending regularly can buiild up a repertoire of dance moves. 

We have dancers with years of experience attending our drop-in lessons because they are so much fun, and they can still learn new things. This seeds the drop-in lesson with experienced dancers who can help all those new dancers pick up the basics.

Single step rhythm east coast basic with lindy hop pulsing and connection. Moves are inspired (or possibly completely the same) by movements in all forms of swing dancing including Lindy hop, West coast swing, Balboa, Charleston and Shag.


  • East Coast Swing Workshop Series

  • Introduction to Lindy Hop Workshop Series

  • Lindy Hop: The Net Step Workshop Series

  • Intermediate Lindy Hop Swing Out Variations with Speed!

  • Intermediate Lindy Hop Slides Workshop

  • Intermediate Lindy Spins Workshop

  • Ladies Lindy Hop Styling Workshop

  • Hollywood Smooth Style Lindy Hop

  • Introduction to Charleston Workshop

  • 20s Charleston Intensive Workshop

  • Hand-to-hand Charleston Workshop

  • Tandem Charleston Workshop

  • Introduction to Balboa Workshop Series

  • Balboa and Bal-Swing Intensive Workshop

  • Balboa Musicality Workshop

  • Introduction to Collegiate Shag Workshop Series

  • Intermediate Collegiate Shag Workshop Series

  • Shim Sham Workshop

  • Dean Collins Shim Sham Workshop

  • St. Louis Shim Sham Workshop

  • The Stew Workshop

  • Musicality Workshop Series, all levels

  • Blues Workshop Series

  • Aerials and Air-Steps Workshop