Friday Night Dance | 7:30pm


Friday Night Dance | 7:30pm

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Are you interested in trying out a Royal City Swing Workshop? Perhaps you know someone who has been thinking about learning to swing dance? Now is your chance!

Royal City Swing currently has a fantastic Groupon offer! It is valid for either workshops or weekly dance admission for ONE or TWO attendees. If you would like to use it towards a workshop, be sure to register for the workshop in advance by emailing royalcityswing@gmail.com. If you have any questions, contact the Royal City Swing team and we'll be happy to help you!

Four weeks of swing dance lessons for ONE: $25
(Regular $40, Savings of $15)

Four weeks of swing dance lessons forTWO: $39
(Regular $80, Savings of $41)

To Purchase:

Hang out with us on Friday Nights!

Every Friday night, 7:45pm to 8:30pm before the dance starts, there is a beginner drop-in dance lesson. Our dance lessons have a reputation for providing the very basics for dancers who have never danced before, but also contain different moves taught in the lessons every week. Dancers attending regularly can build up a repertoire of dance moves. 

We have dancers with years of experience attending our drop-in lessons because they are so much fun, and they can still learn new things. This seeds the drop-in lesson with experienced dancers who can help all those new dancers pick up the basics.

Single step rhythm east coast basic with lindy hop pulsing and connection. Moves are inspired (or possibly completely the same) by movements in all forms of swing dancing including Lindy hop, West coast swing, Balboa, Charleston and Shag.

Check out our videos of our beginner drop-in lessons to see what examples of what you will experience or review what you've learned if you've been to past dances.

July 22nd, 2016

royal City Swing's FRIDAY dance!

Royal City Swing's Friday Dance!

Doors open at 7:30PM
Beginner Lesson starts around 7:45PM - 8:30PM (approx.)
Floor opens up at 8:30PM for dancing until Midnight

Cover: $10

Discounted Admission: $7
- Students and Seniors with valid ID
- Participants in the Jam Circle Project Workshop

Beginner SWING (7:45PM) Lesson Instructors: Afonso and Nicola
DJ's: Kyle and Ron

These DJs will slowly transition the music from Swing to blues during the blues lesson downstairs (Roughly 10:45-11:00PM)

Parking: There is free parking behind the hall or on Keary Street, there is 2hr parking until 8, about half a block west of the hall. There are metered street parking spots to the east of the hall and on Columbia street.

Pre-purchase dance punch-cards are now available:
Pay for 10 dances in advance and get one dance for FREE!
$100 for Regular Admission
$70 for Student/Senior Admission
Note: Payment is cash only!

If you are interested in volunteering, please send us a message or email us at royalcityswing@gmail.com! We are looking for more volunteers (Volunteers get free admission)

Get in FREE on your birthday!

You along with five of your friends can come in for free on your birthday, provided it's a regular DJ night!* If it's a band night, then you get in for free and five of your friends are only $5! To take advantage of this Birthday Promotion, please email: rcsmessage@gmail.com with "Birthday" in the subject line with the birthday person's full name and five friends' full names** in the body of the email by Friday morning of the day you would like to participate. Elizabeth will be in contact with you to confirm the information you have submitted.

*Actual birthday must be within two weeks of the dance. 
** It's very important to provide first and last names of all guests


Social Dancing

Social dancing is about partnership, enjoyment, and exercise. Everyone can learn, and Royal City Swing is a great place for getting you on the dance floor to success! 


Social Dancing

Social dancing is about partnership, enjoyment, and exercise. Everyone can learn, and Royal City Swing is a great place for getting you on the dance floor to success! 

Every Friday is an opportunity to connect with friends and make new ones. Throughout the year we'll have different DJ's and live bands to provide great music to dance to. We also offer dance workshops to help you learn more about the various dances that are part of the swing family. Lookout for special announcements for upcoming dance workshops, live bands, and special events. 

In social dancing, leads and follows are spontaneously open to the infinite possibilities of the moment, responding to one’s partner and to the music. 
— Richard Powers 

The Organizers


The Organizers

Meet the dedicated team bringing you a fun and friendly atmosphere to dance at Royal City Swing for Vancouver, New Westminster and all the Lower Mainland dancers!

Nicola Armanini

Nicola began swing dancing in 2001 and it was a quick trip into love.  She danced every night of the week she possibly could.  For 6 years she made the most of her hobby participating in a team performances, competitions, teaching, workshops and has danced for both film and tv.  In 2007 she underwent two foot surgery's and has since had two beautiful children.  Though she danced with casts, crutches and into her ninth month of pregnancy twice, the slow down has been a hard adjustment for her.  She is excited to be a part of the amazing team launching this new venue and can't wait for you to come and ask her to dance!

Alexis Davy

Starting out with Ballroom dancing in 2011, Alexis moved her way to from Salsa to West Coast Swing and finally discovered East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop in 2012. There is no turning back, and she is completely hooked on all things swing; from Lindy Hop to Balboa to Boogie Woogie and Collegiate Shag. Alexis has both been a swing-dance performer and instructor through various avenues and is known to the community as an active swing-dance event promoter and coordinator. Dance just isn’t the same without live music; Alexis has made it her business to know about all the upcoming events and performances involving local swing, jazz and rockabilly bands. With her strong organizational skills and non-stop sense of humour, she is thrilled to be the newest member of the Royal City Swing team.

Kyle MacDonald

Initially introduced to swing back in '98 at UBC, and completely hooked by '01 Kyle loves the variety in swing. The majority of his vacations now are centered around dancing, hitting up dance scenes in Jeju Korea, Osaka & Tokyo Japan, LA, Portland, and Seattle in the past year alone. On and off instructing since '03 and performing with the Jitterbug Junkies since '04, he looks forward to continue to promote swing in the lower mainland with RCS!

Kyle has been blues and fusion dancing for 6 years, and teaching for 3. He has joined forces with FUSE, a monthly Fusion dance, and teaches blues beginner and intermediate series at UBC for the past 3 years.

Natsuko Murao

Initially dragged out dancing by a friend in 2003, Natsuko found passion for dance learning East Coast Swing,  Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag and Balboa. Recruited to perform for the Jitterbug Junkies having danced less than a year in 2004, and with no fear of heights, Natsuko found another passion: mastering high flying, high speed aerials. In recent years, Nat has expanded her dancing getting into Salsa, Blues and West Coast swing along side growing her excitement for swing by traveling to Japan, Korea, LA, Seattle, and Portland to dance. Now she is excited to help you get excited and out on the dance floor with her infectious smile at Royal City Swing.

Afonso Silveira

Born with two tone dance shoes on his feet, Afonso is one of the lower mainland's longest continuous swing dancers.  Starting back in the swing revival of the 90's, Afonso has been teaching Lindy Hop, Shag, Balboa and East coast swing (including aerials!) throughout the lower mainland for well over a decade. He founded the Jitterbug Junkies, a swing performance team, in 2003 where he choreographed and performed for 6 years.  He also has danced in competitions, for film and tv, charity and public festivals and events.  He considers it his calling to promote swing dance through teaching across the lower mainland and now by opening up the lower mainlands newest venue - Royal City Swing.